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Canyon Rims

 April 15-16, 2023   

   Moab, Utah

The Ride was a success and we want to thank all that came and rode!! See the photos at

Awards were sponsored by Kuhl for this ride!!!! 

Moab Canyons

  October 13-15, 2023    

25-30 & 50 mile courses & Introductory Rides all days

This 3 day event will be based out of the same ride camp at Dubinky Flat from where you will ride out each day to a different area of this beautiful landscape. The routes crisscross and wind around on mesa tops and in the canyon bottoms. This year there will be some changes to the routes to get us a little further away from the areas that have become so popular with the jeep and UTV enthusiasts. But don't worry it is all still pretty spectacular!

We really, really do appreciate you pre-registering for the ride but it is not mandatory. However once you know that you are coming please fill out the following form to the best of your knowledge (we understand things could change). This allows us to make sure that we have enough Vets, Volunteers, Awards, Food, and other amenities.
Submitting your pre-registration form allows us to have all your information captured in our database. This will make it quick for you to check-in and pay your entry fees once you arrive in camp. Your Non-Refundable Fee can be paid by PayPal to or a check mailed to Mickey Smith, P.O. Box 112, Coaldale, CO 81222


Registration Fee / Non-refundable $25 which will be applied towards your Ride Fees upon your arrival !!

Limited Distance and Endurance Distance Ride Fees $120 per day

Introductory Ride Fee $60 per day

Non- AERC Member  Fee $15 Daily

Dinner $10 / Non-refundable

Please click on the "Moab Canyons Ride" tab in the MENU bar at the top of this page for more information...

Got Questions?

Please call or text Mickey at 435-260-8521 and leave a message   OR email me at

Thanks for submitting!

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