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Canyon Rims 

Tentative April 26-27, 2025


The trails for the Moab Canyon Rims ride are all within the BLM Canyon Rims Recreation area. This recreation area is being managed for all types of recreation to include horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, 4x4 and ATV use. A nice thing that you will notice is this area is still pretty undiscovered (so don't tell anyone how cool it is out here!!).
It is a big landscape and there is a lot of room out on Hatch point for all the different kinds of recreation. To help preserve the wildlife habitat and scenic nature of the area the BLM has restricted the motorized activity to designated roads only and no motorized events within the recreation area. Our ride routes are on two track jeep roads with packed sand, dirt and some sandstone "slickrock". The sections of trail that cross "slickrock" will disappear on one side of the sandstone and reappear on the other side, so in these areas you will have to look closely for the flagging that leads you across the rock. There are only a few miles of gravel road and little traffic. There will be water stops and snacks set out for your horse along the way.
Horses can easily trot the packed sand and sandstone sections since they maintain their 'grip' on the sandpaper-like surface of the "slickrock". We recommend that horses be shod or booted as the footing changes throughout the ride. Steel shoes grip great as do boots and experienced barefoot horses will do fine. 
The trails will be marked by a different color of flagging each day for each distance to make them easy to follow. Detailed maps will be provided to every rider. It is recommended that all riders download and use “Avenza” on their cell phone to follow the trails. Electronic maps will be made available to registered riders prior to the ride dates to be downloaded as a geo-referenced pdf. There is a free version of Avenza that allows you to download up to three georeferenced pdf maps and it is easy!! Download the FREE Avenza App and a FREE QR Code Reader App before you come to make loading maps really easy!!!
Day 1 vet check will be in camp and Day 2 Vet check will be near Eightmile Rock. We will supply alfalfa & grass hay and lots of fresh water for horses. A trailer will haul crew bags to the vet check. Family and crews can easily find the vet check and are welcome to come out to observe or lend a hand.
We’ll supply lunch & drinks for the riders & staff (including vegetarian food) both days. It will be a full-on healthy spread and we will provide all the hay your horse can munch.
Dinners can be purchased ahead of time for a non-refundable fee during the online registration.
The spring weather on Hatch Mesa can vary widely, but typically the temperatures range from 50-70 degrees during the day and 30–40 degrees at night. It’s good to plan for the full range of warm and sunny to rainy and cold, so bring a blanket for your horse and a jacket for yourself!
Yes, dogs are welcome, We love our dogs!! However, due to so many complaints there are a few rules;
  • Dogs must be under owner's control at all times. Please do not let them run loose to pee on hay/ gear or pick fights. If your dog is aggressive towards others we will askthe owner to remove the animal from camp.
  • No Dogs allowed on the competition trails or at the Vet check during the event. 
  • When you are leaving camp on your ride, your dog must be contained (suggest inside your horse trailer, a kennel or camper)
  •  Dogs can go with the owners on warm-up rides as it is good for them to get out and get exercise. If you take your dog out during a warm up ride they must to be under verbal control and not bother other horses or livestock.
  • If your dog does not socialize well with other dogs please leave them home, it may be safer for them and everyone else.
Thank You for helping us make this an enjoyable event for everyone!!
Ride Schedule


     12:00       Ride Camp OPEN


       2:00        Registration OPEN

       2:00        Pre-Vet OPEN

       6:00        Rider Meeting

       6:30        Dinner

Saturday, Sunday
        7:00       Registration / Vet in 

        7:30       50's Start

        8:00       25's Start

        8:30       Intro Riders Start

        9:30       Vet Check Open

        6:00       Rider Meeting / Awards

        6:30       Dinner (Fri, Sat only)

Photos available on the "Past Rides" page of this website...


Lunches provided

Healthy lunches and drinks for Riders and Staff 




Professional photographs provided by Daren Nkomo Photography

PHOTOS From the Ride can be found at :


Vacation in Moab!!

Moab is well known as an adventurous town.  Maps are available for more horse riding and there are trails for Cycling, ATVs, Jeeps, and Motorcycles.  Plan to visit a National or State Park (Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point) and base out of the Moab Equestrian Center  where you can stall your horse.  You can park your LQ at the Center (no hook-ups) or pull into an RV park nearby and hook-up for the night. Go to to learn more.

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