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Moab Canyons Ride

Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2022

This endurance ride was put on for 9 years from 2008 to 2017 by Sheri Griffith. As we all know Sheri put on an outstanding event and since then I have heard from many riders that this was considered a “Bucket List” ride for them.


We are bringing this ride back with the intent of keeping most everything the same, the incredible scenery, same great trails, camp location and hopefully, great weather. One change we did make this year is that we bumped the ride to the beginning of October instead of the end of October. We did this in hopes of finding the perfect weather window. In the past I noticed that early October in the Moab area was often beautiful while we were out flagging trails and then nearer the end of October when the race would come the days were starting to get cold as the days were getting shorter.


As a new ride manager, I am learning from Sheri and all of you as to what will make this the best ride for you. I am always interested in listening to each of you about what you do and don’t like in an endurance event. 

This past spring, we put on the Moab Canyon Rims event south of Moab. It was the first time for that event as well as first time for me as a ride manager and I felt like it was a small success. I learned a lot and have ideas about what worked and what didn’t so you will see some of those lessons learned incorporated into this falls ride as well as the Rims ride next spring.


Some of those changes include a plan to simplify the registration process and a better spreadsheet process for quicker results.


I will be providing the same great maps for people to use during the ride as well as having the maps downloadable on AVENZA. To go one step further I plan to have directions written out for those of you that prefer directions. Flagging will be as good as it has always been on Sheri’s rides although I hope to get folks used to a little less flagging and more map/AVENZA usage over time.


This spring Trevor Pellegrin did an outstanding job with the lunches on the Canyon Rims ride, unfortunately he is not available for the fall ride. We will try to live up to his standards of quality by providing sandwiches and lunch foods for you to enjoy during your ride. We are also talking about putting on a dinner on Saturday evening. This will be dependent on pre-registration interest.

I hope the ride will be a fun, safe horse riding event in the beautiful Canyon Country of Grand County Utah!


Trail description

The trails that you will ride are a mixture of two track jeep roads, single-track trails with packed sand, dirt and some sandstone "slickrock". The sections of trail on the "slickrock" will disappear at the edge of the sandstone and reappear on the other side of the sandstone section so you will need to be heads up looking for the flagging across these rock areas. There are only a few miles of gravel road to get you from one great trail to another. There will be water stops and snacks set out for your horse along the way.


Good footing

Horses can easily trot the packed sand and sandstone sections since they maintain their 'grip' on the sandpaper-like surface of the "slickrock". We recommend that horses be shod or booted as the footing changes throughout the ride. Steel shoes grip great as do boots and experienced barefoot horses will do fine. 

Maps and flagging

The trails will be marked by a different color of flagging each day for each distance to make them easy to follow. Detailed maps will be provided to every rider. It is recommended that all riders download and use “Avenza” on their cell phone to follow the trails. Electronic maps will be made available to registered riders prior to the ride dates to be downloaded as a geo-referenced pdf. There is a free version of Avenza that allows you to download up to three georeferenced pdf maps and it is easy!! Download the FREE Avenza App and a FREE QR Code Reader App before you come to make loading maps really easy!!!

Lunches included

We’ll supply lunch & drinks for the riders & staff (including vegetarian food) both days. It will be a full-on healthy spread and we will provide all the hay your horse can munch.

Vet checks

All Vet checks will be out of camp. We will supply alfalfa & grass hay and lots of fresh water for horse and rider. A trailer will haul all crew bags to the vet check. Family and crews can easily find the vet check and are welcome to come out to observe or lend a hand.


The spring and fall weather in Moab can vary widely, but typically the temperatures range from 50-70 degrees during the day and 30–40 degrees at night. It’s good to plan for the full range of warm and sunny to rainy and cold, so bring a blanket for your horse and a jacket for yourself!





Directions to Ride Camp

From the North

From Interstate 70 turn south on Hwy 191 and go 20 miles south to Hwy 313.

Turn west on Hwy 313, signage says, “Dead Horse Point” and “Canyonlands National Park”. Continue 8 miles on Hwy 313 to the Dubinky Well Rd (top of the hill). Turn right onto Dubinky Well Rd and continue 1.5 miles staying left at the fork onto the Spring Canyon Rd. Drive 3.5 miles to camp on the right. See map below.

From the South

Traveling north on Hwy 191, continue through Moab going 8.5 miles north to Hwy 313, Turn west on Hwy 313, signage says, “Dead Horse Point” and “Canyonlands National Park”. Continue 8 miles on Hwy 313 to the Dubinky Well Rd (top of the hill). Turn right onto Dubinky Well Rd and continue 1.5 miles staying left at the fork onto the Spring Canyon Rd. Drive 3.5 miles to camp on the right. See map below.

Google Maps Spring Canyon Road, Moab Utah


Lunches provided

Healthy lunches and drinks for Riders and Staff 


Professional photographs provided by Daren Nkomo Photography

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Vacation in Moab!!

Moab is well known as an adventurous town.  Maps are available for more horse riding and there are trails for Cycling, ATVs, Jeeps, and Motorcycles.  Plan to visit a National or State Park (Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point) and base out of the Moab Equestrian Center  where you can stall your horse.  You can park your LQ at the Center (no hook-ups) or pull into an RV park nearby and hook-up for the night. Go to to learn more.